Main Settings

Main settings for Invite Tracker.




-setprefix <prefix>

Change the bot's prefix

-setlang <language>

Change the bot's language


Display the bot's server configuration


Synchronize current bot invites with the one in the Invites tab in your server settings

-channelblacklist <add/remove/list> [#channel]

Add/remove/list a blacklist channel, messages in these channels are not going to be counted.

Announcement Channels



-configchannel <join | leave> <#channel>

Set the channel where join or leave messages will be sent

Announcement Messages

See the Variables for variables which will help you make the perfect message!



-configmessage <join | leave | joindm> <normal | vanity | bot | no-perm | unknown> <message>

Set the join, leave or join DM message for each type

If you want to define a Join DM message, make sure to specify normal for the message type.

Normal, vanity, bot, no-perm, unknown are the way a new member joined your server, that mean you can display a different message depending on how a member joined.

normal - The new member joined with a normal invite and the bot is able to know by who he was invited. vanity - The new member joined through a vanity invite ( bot - The new member who joined is a bot. no-perm - The bot do not have the required permissions to track who invited the member, make sure to grant the right permissions to the bot, read the Getting Started section for further information. unknown - The bot is not able to determine by who the new member was invited, this is rare case.

Announcement Status



-configenable <join/leave/joindm> <True/False>

Enable or disable the join, leave or join DM messages

Reward Roles



-rewardroles add <@role> <message count>

Add a reward role for messages.

-rewardroles remove <@role> <message count>

Remove a reward role for messages.


Display all of the existent rewards roles for messages.