Welcome to Invite Tracker's documentation. Here you may learn yourself a thing or two about the bot.


Invite Tracker is a powerful Discord bot that offers countless amounts of features such as invite and message tracking, giveaways and just so much more. It is also capable of welcoming new users to your server with a fully customisable join message feature.

Invite Tracker is also offering an advanced web dashboard that makes the bot configuration more intuitive and easier. Check it out here. More information on how to use the dashboard can be found here.

Getting Started

First, you need to make sure that Invite Tracker is in the server you are looking to use it in. If not, you can invite it by clicking here.

Invite Tracker is by default only asking for the permissions required for it to work, we please you to make sure you are inviting it with the required permissions, otherwise, the bot may not work properly. If you want to know more details about why we are asking for specific permissions, read the FAQ.


Once Invite Tracker has been invited on your server, if you invited it with the required permissions, it will already be tracking new invites! If you're wanting to jump right into having Invite Tracker announce new members, you would want to check out Invite Tracker's configuration commands.

The default prefix for Invite Tracker is -

The Syntax Used in the Documentation

Throughout this documentation, we will be using special characters to represent specific uses for a command. You may already have noticed a few of these characters if you have previously used Invite Tracker's commands. This is the meaning behind each one.

< > - These arguments are required and have to be added. [ ] - These arguments are optional and may not be added. option1|option2 - Select only one of the given options. - Commands next to this icon is a premium command.