👤My Account

The new way to manage your premium from one place on the new "My Account" page!

My Account will display at the top right when logged in. Click your username and you will have the options of My Account and Logout.

You will be presented with your avatar and username. The button to Manage Subscriptions allows you to cancel your subscription and download your invoices.

The Manage Subscriptions button will only work if you have a Dashboard subscription.

To cancel your Discord subscription, click here.

Below is a list of your current subscriptions and their platform. The sections are separated by tier if applicable. They also show which platform the subscription is from. The button with the two arrows allow you to move a subscription to another server with a selector. The button with an X allows you to remove the subscription from the selected server.

You can only move/remove subscriptions with the Dashboard platform. To move/remove subscriptions with the Discord platform, you need to cancel the subscription and resubscribe with the desired server. Click here to find out how.

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