The explanation for the giveaway command for Invite Tracker.


/giveaway create <prize name> <duration> <winner amount> <#channel>
Creates a giveaway using the specified information
/giveaway delete <message id>
Deletes a specified giveaway
/giveaway end <message id>
Ends a specified giveaway
/giveaway list
Lists all of the server's currently active giveaways
/giveaway reroll <message id>
Chooses new winners for the specified giveaway
When ending a giveaway, Invite Tracker will choose winners.
When deleting a giveaway, Invite Tracker just permanently removes it without choosing any winners.

Optional Arguments

/giveaway create

[messages_required: <number>]
Requires members to have at least the specified amount of messages in order to be able to join the giveaway
[role_bonus_entries: <@role> <number>]
Assigns bonus entries to members with the specified roles
[roles_required: <@role>]
Requires members to have all of the required roles in order to be able to join the giveaway
[winner_roles: <@role>]
Winner roles will be automatically assigned to the winners of the giveaway
You can configure multiple roles in arguments. Simply just add a new one after the first one.

/giveaway reroll

[winner_amount: <number>]
Chooses the specified amount of new winners when re-rolling the giveaway