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Developer Mode

Developer Mode is a useful utility tool offered by Discord. Some of Invite Tracker's features requires Developer Mode. Developer Mode lets you acquire and copy IDs for things such as users and channels. To enable Developer Mode, follow the steps underneath.

Enabling Developer Mode

Click the gear icon next to your name.
Scroll down to "App Settings" and then click "Advanced".
Now, simply switch Developer Mode on.

Copying IDs

IDs are special "codes" that are different for all users, channels and messages. An ID of something is what most bots use to find and locate that specific user, channel or message. Invite Tracker has a few features where IDs are necessary. If you want to know how to copy the different main ID types, please keep reading. Remember to have turned Developer Mode on, or else copying IDs will not be possible.

Copying a Channel ID

Right click a channel and click "Copy ID".

Copying a Message ID

Either right click a message, or click its 3 dots and select "Copy ID".

Copying a User ID

Right click a user and click "Copy ID".


Throughout this documentation, we will be using special characters to represent specific uses for a command. You may already have noticed a few of these characters if you have previously used Invite Tracker's commands. This is the meaning behind each one.
< > - These arguments are required and have to be added. [ ] - These arguments are optional and may not be added. option1|option2 - Select only one of the given options.
- Features next to this icon are premium features.
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