📊Invite Tracking

The invite tracking plugin lets you choose a fakedelay for your server and blacklist users from gaining invites.

The fake delay of your server is the number of days old an account has to be when joining to not be counted as a fake invite. For example, if you set your server's fake delay to 5 days and an account that is 4 days old joins your server, the person who invited that account will gain a regular invite and a fake invite. The explanation of every invite type can be found here.

Every server's default fake delay is 3 days.

A good fake delay is 5 days.

A server's fake delay must be between 0 and 300 days.

User Invites Blacklist

This is where you invite blacklist members using their user IDs. Invite-blacklisted users' invites are not tracked by Invite Tracker and they do not gain any invites. Welcome/leave messages are not affected by this.

Information regarding how to get a user's ID can be found here.

Free servers can only have a maximum of 3 invite-blacklisted users.

Premium servers can have a maximum amount of 100 invite-blacklisted users.

Be careful not to blacklist the wrong users.

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