Frequently Asked Questions about the bot.

How can I add Invite Tracker to my server?

You can invite Invite Tracker on your server using this link. We recommend you to read the Getting Started section of the documentation if you are new to the bot.

How can I get help about Invite Tracker?

If you need help with the bot join the Invite Tracker Support discord server.

How can I vote for Invite Tracker?

You can vote for Invite Tracker on top.gg, click here to access our page. Thank you for supporting us!

What is the default prefix for Invite Tracker?

The default prefix for Invite Tracker is -, but you can change it easily, we recommend you reading the main settings section of the documentation.

Why isn't Invite Tracker responding to my commands?

Firstly, make sure the bot is not offline and there is no current outages by checking Invite Tracker Support discord server. Secondly, make sure Invite Tracker has the right permissions (the required one, see Getting Started).

Why isn't Invite Tracker granting rewards roles?

Every roles that Invite Tracker need to grant must be under the bot's role. You also need to make sure that the bot has the permission to grant roles.

Why there is no rewards roles for invites?

This feature has been disabled because it's against Discord Terms of Service. Having a feature like that is just enabling server advertisement, which is against the Discord Developer Policy.

What are the different types of invites?

Invite Tracker is allowing each users to have a specific amount of regular, left, bonus and fake invites. Each invites have a different meaning.

regular - no matter what, this invite is added to the inviter when someone join with his invite. left - this invite is added to the inviter when someone who joined with his invite, left the server. bonus - this type of invites can be added with commands by the administrators. fake - this type of invites is added to the inviter when someone join with his invite, but the new member's account is less 3 days old.