The explanation on how to use Invite Tracker's dashboard.


If you are looking to use Invite Tracker's dashboard instead of its commands, then you have come to the right place! The dashboard is very feature-rich with even some of Invite Tracker's features being dashboard-exclusive.
We will be teaching you everything like how to log in, view your server list and edit your server's settings, alongside explaining every feature in a very understandable way with an excessive amount of pictures so you do not get lost.

Finding The Website

Found it! It is here.

Accessing The Dashboard

Logging In

To log into the dashboard, just simply click Login in the top right corner.
After clicking Login, you just want to log in with your normal Discord account. Do not worry about safety as we actually do not collect any of your login information since you are logging in through Discord's website and not ours.

Viewing Your Server List

After logging in, you want to click your profile picture which is located in the exact same area as the Login button was.
A drop-down menu will appear. From here click My Servers.
When you have done this, you should see a list with all the servers you have permission to add the bot to.

Accessing Your Server's Dashboard

Now click Dashboard on the server you want to edit the dashboard for.
For our examples, we will be using Invite Tracker Support.
When you have followed the step above, you will be greeted by the screen below.
These are all the plugins for your server. A plugin is a feature available through the dashboard. Let us go through all the different plugins, what they do and how to use them.
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