The explanation for the giveaway command for Invite Tracker.

Giveaway Management

Starting Giveaways



-giveaway start

Starts a giveaway after asking you a few setup questions

-giveaway start <duration> <winner amount> <prize>

Starts a simple giveaway with no setup questions

You can not configure Invite Tracker to send a dm to the winner(s), add roles to the winner(s), have requirements or give bonus entries to roles for giveaways when using the simple giveaway command.

Stopping Giveaways



-giveaway end <message id>

Ends the giveaway with the specified message ID

-giveaway delete <message id>

Deletes the giveaway with the specified message ID

When ending a giveaway it will choose winners. When deleting a giveaway it just permanently removes it.